Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bed rest and work

Now that I'm on bed rest, I have been wondering what in the world I can do to make some extra money.  Making 60% of my regular RN income is really a kick in the pants.  I am trying to wrap gifts and make quilts 2-3 minutes at a time.  This makes for some shoddy wrapping and an incredibly special quilt that these kids better freakin' appreciate one day.  :) 

I was wondering what to do for stocking stuffers when I remembered that Avon had some pretty cool, fun things for kids.  They always have.  One of my favorite things when we were little was the roll-on body paint/soap for the bathtub.  There are a few other things that I remember but my memory was jogged when I complimented a lady in the grocery store because she smelled so good.  I'm not walking around smelling strangers but I'm almost 6 months pregnant and smells still bother me, a lot.  She said she got it through her Avon lady.  That's when a light went off.  People buy make-up, bath and body products all the time so why can't they buy it from me?  I'm not doing this to make a ton of money but it can help me focus and stay busy while on bed rest.  I placed the first order tonight so it can get here by Christmas.  Unfortunately, several items from multiple clients are on back-order.  We'll see how soon product arrives and if it ships correctly.   

I'm seriously thinking about moving my blog since blogspot won't upload photos for me anymore.  It's very frustrating!